Set to make his mark on queer pop, Aaron Porter drops his debut track.

Born and raised in East Grinstead in West Sussex, up-and-coming queer pop sensation Aaron Porter was always the outsider. But rather than be affected by his individuality, he chose to embrace it – and he’s still doing the same today.

Porter has bookmarked his arrival onto the music scene with his sensational debut release, “BOY”. It showcases Porter’s expert lyricism and musical craft, which set him aside as an obvious pop force to be reckoned with – and this is before we even talk about his stellar dance moves… For his first release, he’s dived head-first into his emotions, drawing inspiration from his personal experiences and touching upon heartbreak, internal struggles and toxic masculinity, showing that he’s not afraid to address the hard-hitting topics and say it how it is. “I think often we’re not allowed to really show much emotion or be very feminine, so I’m just going to go full out as me and hope people get on board and it helps someone.” He says.

In a world political landscape where there’s a greater need than ever to champion young, black and gay talent, Aaron Porter is a face for the future.


"BOY" by Aaron Porter

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