Tredici Bacci let their emotions run rampant on latest EP, Brave New World.

In 2013, composer, Simon Hanes sought for means to unfurl his musical vision. Driven by his adoration for Italian and French soundtracks of the 60s and 70s, Hanes knew he wanted to bring his adoration to life. Whisking up imagery of sultry ballads intertwined with feathery harmonies and intricate compositions, he fleetly gathered an ensemble of 13 musicians to make this a reality, and soon Tredici Bacci was formed.


Spending the last decade gallivanting around the globe to play their joyous and cinematic compositions, Tredici Bacci have left a trail of Campari bottles in their wake. Initially focused on playing Italian soundtrack-inspired large ensemble pieces, that included vocals, strings, horns and the accordion, now Tredici Bacci are choosing to tread a different path. Embarking on a new journey that that embraces even more wildness, absurdity and vulnerability, their latest album, Brave New World, see them break from their mould.


Crafted during a period of personal transition, Brave New World, reflects Hanes’ emotional landscape across its 11 tracks. With a 25-person instrumentation, each track takes ventures through a kaleidoscope of emotions. From the ironic anthem of ‘Future is forever’ to the enigmatic spacey allure of ‘Galaxia’, each track creates a frenzy of ever-evolving moods that reflects Hanes’ weathered emotions.

Listen to Brave New World now: