Anya Nami drops a pulsating melodic indie-pop tune titled ‘Bread’.

Bringing her Eastern European roots to the forefront, Anya Nami is whipping up tracks that would secure gold at Eurovision. While she often explores mellower, more melodious soundscapes, her latest release ‘Bread’ breaks the mould with its infectious upbeat energy, transporting listeners to sun-soaked beaches of Europe on a balmy day.


Bursting onto the scene only last year with her debut single, ‘Unsubstantial’, Anya Nami has swiftly piqued the ears of music buffs around the globe, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers on social media platforms. Since her debut, she’s released a steady slew of singles since that have garnered significant attention across streaming platforms. Notably her third single, ‘Will I Ever Love?’, found its place on curated playlists of Spotify and Apple Music, while she graced the cover of Spotify’s prestigious ‘Fresh Finds’ global playlist.


Looking to continue her upward trajectory, the European artist drops her latest track, ‘Bread’— a simple and straightforward track inspired by her love for the carbohydrate. Propelled by a pulsating beat, the accordion adds a touch of European flair, weaving in and out of a catchy melody. With her dynamic vocals infusing the track with both sweetness and intensity, subtle hints of electronica enhance the chorus, creating an irresistible blend of sounds.


Anya Nami comments on the release, “This song was literally inspired by bread and my love for it. I write about my deepest honest feelings, and the song ‘Bread’ is no exception.”

Listen to 'Bread' now: