Emerging artist Sami Siteman delivers defiant ode “Break It”.

Sami Siteman is an up-and-coming pop artist combining many different genres into a heady brew uniquely hers. From pop to country to singer-songwriter, she does it all in a way that feels so raw and intimate.


With “Break It,” Sami offers a different perspective on the breakup song with a strong sense of self and purpose. The strength she sings with adds to the country-blues aspect of the track. Far from being subdued, she states that she has come out strong from that hurt and the end of a relationship. Such an approach veers from the typical breakup song that feels saddened. Nothing on here suggests that she pines for the person who left her; instead, she has a liberated sense, a sense of community adorning the whole piece.


The song comes into focus quickly. She has a poetic sensibility to her songwriting. The arrangement in the background perfectly accentuates the message. Nodding to Carole King and Sara Bareilles, clever wordplay enters the equation. The main line of the chorus, “You never had enough of my heart to break it,” is perfect. Indeed, this is the absolute core of the song, from which all else stems. Percussion hits with this muscular quality, helping to elevate the lyricism further. Everything here swirls about for the final stretch, becoming an arena-filling mass of splendour.


Sami is an exceptional storyteller, crafting a profoundly immersive narrative on “Break It” with verses that cut to the bone. Her next release, “As Much As I Love You,” will be out June 30th, followed by an EP on the horizon. Tune in to her music, and let her sound take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.