Nate Kest’s contemporary approach to music videos as a young artist.

To stand out in today’s heavily saturated music industry is no small feat. Neither is the ability to create lasting impressions with both music and visuals. At 23 years old, Nate Kest is a master at combining the two in a way that mirrors the industry’s shift toward being more and more predominantly video-based.


With the rise of so many video-based platforms, namely TikTok, it’s never been so crucial to turn out good visuals as a supplement to great music. Nate is no stranger to creating professional music videos, though, having welcomed their storytelling abilities since early on in his career. His production quality and revolutionary concepts only continue to evolve with time, resources, and new inspiration.


Instead of simply following new trends and ideas, Nate actively works to create his own while still prioritizing the vision that he can bring to his longer-form music videos and other productions. An already prolific artist at 23, Nate truly believes in the power of visuals as a way to heighten creativity and share elements that could be missed in his lyrics alone.


So many modern-day music videos tend to lean toward themes of opulence, with artists singing in front of expensive cars and big houses. Nate is on a mission to steer clear of these things that showcase wealth but lack any real art form, as he aims to create storylines that can be viewed as short films that emulate his lyrics.


Nate believes in the power of storytelling as a way to connect with an audience on a new level and give them just one more piece of context to understand the depth behind his work. In fact, the P.C.A. Film that Nate is currently producing and starring in began as an idea for a music video, before taking on a life of its own and becoming the creative endeavor that it is today. It’s clear to see how his focus on the short film elements of a music video grew into a standalone creative project, garnering the interest of over a thousand individuals looking to be involved in its production.


A passionate creative, Nate doesn’t do it all alone. He is professionally supported by his manager, Josh Bru of Bruu Management, and his creative director, CreaTyler, along with multi-platinum producers Midi Jones, Martin Estrada, and “NEDO.” With an unrivaled work ethic, Nate finds collaborations wherever he goes in the world and has most recently had the chance to work with young, upcoming Parisian artist Lestin.


This work ethic with a focus on creating a visual experience has also led Nate to perform at many venues across the country. One of the most notable spots is the popular Los Angeles music lounge known as The Peppermint Club, on a stage that has hosted Justin Bieber, Drake, Miley Cyrus, and other world-famous artists. Nate is always looking for ways to think bigger and connect with people on a musical, visual, and spiritual level. He is actively working on new, unconventional projects that push the bounds of his artistry. Along with his P.C.A. film, his upcoming EP titled ‘Breathe, Or Die’ is also set to be some of his best work yet.

Listen to Nate below: