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Hailing out of China, some of the country’s brightest in the booming genre are holding their own with this new high-octane body of work.

Global Chinese superstar Lay Zhang (LAY) returns to the music scene with his Chinese co-ed group D.N.A Music Alliance, releasing their first album D.N.A centred around the theme “love” now available on all streaming platforms. The seven-member group, led by the prolific singer along with members DANKO, GALI, Victor Ma, Shan Yichun, Wang Ziyi and Vinida, showcase their musical prowess in the collective’s latest bilingual body of work in English and Mandarin. The 11-track album is under the co-executive production by LAY himself highlighting his versatility and talent as a multi-faceted artist in the realm of music production. All the members of burgeoning artists in their own right who have become some of the most listened to artists in China within hip-hop and R&B. From headlining slots at music festivals to sold-out shows across the country, talent is served in abundance with these rising superstars.


Experimenting across both hip-hop and R&B, the album breakdown is guaranteed to fit the taste of every listener with slick lyrics and beats from some of the top producers out of the U.S. The first track, ‘All In’ is a love song with a very unique rhyme, with lyrics that can arouse the emotional resonance of the audience. ‘Break My Heart’ is a stand-out piece on lovelorn people produced by Bijan. ‘Right Back’ tells the story of feelings after a brief separation from one’s lover, as one subconsciously starts to miss him or her. With ‘Racks On Me’, listeners absorb a warm-lighted ode to love produced by Yung Dza. ‘What She Said’ is a story about an intimate relationship that draws to a close while ‘Wait For You’ is a monologue turned into a confession about a chance encounter with love. ‘No Reason’ is a knock-out collaboration between Prince Yi and Asian-Canadian musician Anders.

Continuing the flow of hits, ‘Oh La La’, was also produced by Bijan who’s worked alongside hip-hop heavyweight Metro Boomin. ‘Except For You’ is an R&B love song that expresses love from a male perspective. ‘Ashley’ is a narrative ballad where you get to know her life and personality, produced by GRAMMY Award-winning producer Soolgothits. The bonus track of the album, ‘UZI’ has a strong rhythm to express the attitude of adhering to a dream.


LAY, who is a former member of the widely successful K-pop boy group EXO who debuted more than 10 years ago, and continues to be a well-adored idol in Asia. In addition to releasing chart-topping music, the superstar has also hosted multiple reality shows and has acted in various films and TV shows. The multi-hyphenate abilities allow him to continue to produce unique sounds and beats that mix perfectly with the artists he collaborates with. The multi-hyphenated artist is also an actor and getting rave reviews for his current film, ‘No More Bets’, which was recently covered by Variety.


D.N.A album is available on all streaming services, here. A captivating music video with the group for ‘Cypher’ is available on D.N.A YouTube channel that can be seen here. Follow the group on social media with Vinida, Victor Ma, Shan Yichun, GALI, Wang Ziyi, DANKO, LAY, D.N.A alliance.

Listen to 'D.N.A' here: