On her new single 'Breathing', rising Kansas pop princess katie MAC showcases fierce lyricism and powerful vocals.

“I only think about you when I’m breathing” is the line which sent katie MAC into her most recent creative spiral, which today emerges as a fierce pop single. Titled ‘Breathing’, the budding pop star’s new track shines with sharp, catchy lyrics that explore a familiar struggle, “it’s about missing someone and trying desperately to forget about them,” she shares. 


‘Breathing’ joins the Kansas singer’s extensive catalogue of hook-driven bangers which have seen her lauded by the industry. Ever since her song ‘Not My Ex’ blew up on Tiktok in 2021, katie MAC’s has received a continuous stream of endorsements from a growing fanbase, established artists who are eager to collaborate, and widespread critical acclaim for the tracks recently collated on Emotional Gymnastics, her 2024 mixtape album. 

Produced with friends Kipper Gray and Winter Wilson, today’s hard-hitting heartbreak ballad hits all notes and is arguably the best showcase of her talent yet. Incorporating fresh earworm samples, acoustic riffs and cascading strings into characteristic pulsating synths, ‘Breathing’ offers space for the artist’s captivating vocals to make their mark.


The emotional outpouring is palpable as the tune swells and crescendos into an all-encompassing chorus that leaves listeners craving more. It’s geared up to be the perfect, passionate shower sing-along and will no doubt be the hit which soars katie MAC’s budding pop stardom.

Listen to 'Breathing' below now: