Sound innovators Bang & Olufsen want us to “express who we are and who we connect with", in new audio-visual campaign.

Over their close to 100-year existence, Danish audio electronics company Bang & Olufsen has consistently stayed ahead of the curve. A commitment to sonic innovation has seen the brand continually redefine what sound is and what it can be in the future. Put simply, B&O is a leader in the space, and as it enters a new era, it’s keen to capitalise on the growing interest in audio-visual experiences.


Championing self-expression and identity, B&O’s latest campaign will be “bringing your music taste to life”. But how? I can already hear you asking. Well, the heritage brand is using your Spotify accounts to create a 3D, shareable avatar based on your listening history. Being able to “see yourself in sound” will provide fans with a different perspective on their tastes and allow us to enjoy music through other senses.

To create the 100% bespoke avatar, you can link your Spotify account on the brand’s dedicated website. Alternatively, if you don’t have an account with the streaming platform, you can fill out a questionnaire to generate the personalised, moving creature.


Find out more over on B&O’s website now.

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