As the red-carpet gleamed with music's brightest stars, it was the array of Instagram creators that stole the spotlight.

As the curtains close on yet another year of music triumphs, the 2024 Brit Awards hosted a glittering guestlist of stars in attendance to celebrate the last 12 months in music. With the O2’s stage set, the red-carpet dazzled with music’s brightest stars wearing an array of chicest ensembles.


In a night ablaze with excitement, the 44th edition of the ceremony saw victories from pop queen, Dua Lipa, boundary-breaking art rock collective, The Last Dinner Party and icon RAYE, who claimed multiple crowns. With the award show teaming up with Instagram, it only took the ceremony to greater heights; putting the power into fans hands, with the edition of a new voting mechanic (through Reels) that allowed people to easily vote for their favourite artists in the all-important genre categories.


Not only that, but to mark the ceremony, Instagram gathered a cadre of some of the most talked about content creators to accompany them to the award show.  All of whose digital prowess has fostered fanbases and communities through a shared love in music.


To mark such occasion, we’ve rounded up some of Instagram’s hottest creators who put on their best glitz and glam for this year’s 2024 awards.

Known as the Robin Hood of TikTok, Shabaz Says wears many hats: from conent creator and teacher to newly minted author. Reigning as ‘The King of the #PovvoGang’, he blends prankster antics and sharp satire leaving his audience in stiches of laughter. Yet beneath the surface of his comedic foundation lies concretes of relatability, upon which he conveys important and serious messages that he believes needs to be said.

With a whopping 6.8 million followers on TikTok @thatswatson knows what he’s doing when it comes to putting on a show. Creating videos that mimic some of pop culture’s most viral moments, his infectious energy and passion extends to hosting his own radio show, Reprezent Radio, where he spotlights some of music’s promising new talent.

Regina Eigbe is uniting people through her captivating dance and innovative choreography. Enrapturing hearts with her trendy dance moves and charming personality, her talent has seen her grace the stages alongside musical veterans including the likes of Stormzy and Janet Jackson.

From conjuring up smiles during his early days on Vine, to spreading even more laughter on TikTok today Asher Glean’s infectious charm and authenticity has seen him cultivate a devoted and growing audience. With his sights set on pursuing acting, Asher’s mission is clear: he’s here to entertain.

Brummie Josh Ryan is only rising through social media ranks. Whether he’s conducting interviews with the public or crafting skits alongside his friends, his consistently on-point content always promises a laugh or two. Venturing into modelling, Josh has already grace billboards for ASOS, all the while his TikTok and YouTube channels continue to skyrocket in popularity.

Self-titled ‘CEO of bringing smiles’, Bachala Mbunzanma—or Bash— is known for comical videos and distinct laugh. Openly commenting that he ‘became funny’ to fight the racist abuse he suffered during his upbringing in Glasgow, his career has seen him work with BBC Scotland for a behind-the-scenes documentary of what his life is like behind the smile.

Being open is Miah Carter’s bread and butter. Building her influence by being vulnerable about body image, documenting living with autism and her journey to self-love, she has quickly built a fanbase as loyal as the next. Using her platform to help others feel good, her openness has to only be commended, as she continues to inspire the next gen.

Monty Keates is known for his quick wit and unapologetic honesty. Beyond his acclaimed satirical comedy videos, he’s carving a distinct path in the music scene with three singles under his belt. Making waves in the alt-rock scene with his vibrant electronic soundscapes, Monty is asserting his voice and leaving a lasting impression.

Renowned for her comedic skits and videos, Megan Bolton’s versatility extends far beyond laughter, with appearances in soap opera, Hollyoaks and the popular reality show, The Only Way Is Essex. Delivering relatable content and authentic content it’s clear that the only way is up for this red-haired sensation.

As the Lead of Entertainment at Buzzfeed as well as a constant red-carpet presenter at talent junkets, Jeff’s CV is as impressive as they come. Not only is his career first-class, his personality follows suit, with his TikTok soaking in the limelight as he delves into humorous explorations of the cultural disparities between Brits and Americans.

Ayame Ponder is perhaps one of the internet’s biggest personality right now. Through comedic vlogs showcasing snippets of her daily life, she has garnered widespread recognition for her witty sketches, entertaining duets and reaction videos. Now channelling her infectious charm into her podcast, In Ayame We Trust, Ayame is doing things her way, and we’re all here for it.

Pioneering her own award-winning podcast, Cocktails and Takeaways, Joyce-Anne Deji is lighting up the social media scene with her vibrant hues of her personality. Dedicating her podcast to discussing over-sharing, celeb gossip, over-sharing and everything in-between, she sits down with social media hotshots every week to spill the tea.

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