The up-and-coming music talent gives offers up his photo diary at The BRITs 2019.

Freddie Long is the man set to blow up this year. With an album planned for 2020, we’re expecting to see him on the BRITs stage collecting his first gong in no time. A long-standing music lover, he spent much of his upbringing listening to Artic Monkeys and Jamiroquai, slowly but effectively honing in his own sound and exercising his burgeoning musical prowess. These days, he’s pretty much a self-established musician gaining a firm fan following.

In May, he’ll drop his first EP, and if the first track “Sinner” is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat. At his very first BRIT awards, Long gives us the lowdown in this unique photo series of Polaroids detailing a night of musical madness.

  • Arrived in London and looking forward for the evening ahead.
  • Prepping a few final things before tonight.
  • Walking into the box and see this!! Mad scenes, getting me excited.
  • After party at The InterContinental.
  • Thanks O2 Music for inviting me down. Congratulations to all the winners. Was a great experience and being in that environment has inspired/motivated me to work harder.
  • Brits 2019
  • Cheers to a great evening!

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