Disruptor and innovator, Mikey Mike, releases new single “Broken Man”.

There aren’t many artists who cite ‘catfishing’ their way into a Grammy amongst their past achievements, but Mikey Mike is one such artist. Born in a small town in Maryland, the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer is back with a new tune, the chilled and breezy “Broken Man”.


Gaining viral attention in 2017 when his fake mug shot appeared on billboards across LA claiming he owed ‘$2.3 million in child support’, the promotion campaign for his Rick Rubin-produced debut single “Doin’ Me” certainly made a statement. Mikey Mike is the moniker of Mike Williams, an artist who got into beatmaking and production during his high-school days. Having faced rejections early on in his career, he began reresubmitting the same tracks under an alias, a move that led to a gig producing a song on Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ album. Ever evolving, Mikey recently relocated to Nashville, TN and started recorded his second album with Dave Cobb (a 7x Grammy winner). Setting out to branch out from Mikey’s previous singles.


With his second album, ‘Life on Earth Vol. 2’, dropping in November, latest single “Broken Man” is a signal of what’s to come. Discussing the track, he explains: “I think everybody probably has those times in life when they feel like they are drowning a bit or losing control of everything. The wise ones take a deep breath and piece it back together, and then you have the people like me who get pretty self-destructive […] hopefully this song will bring a little peace and understanding in knowing there are others out there who have the same tendencies when it feels like all is lost.”

Stream "Broken Man" below: