Love Is Enough have dropped a bold new single, "Burn".

Love Is Enough is the result of a collaboration between three musicians who grew up around the Salisbury music scene – Cam, Thor and Ben. They’ve honed their talents both separately and in concert for well over a decade, collaborating with top artists and even playing a spot at the Olympic Torch Ceremony in 2012.


Just before the outbreak of COVID, the three finally decided to join forces and work on a collective project – and the creative energy was strong enough to last through lockdown, with each of them writing material and jamming away on video chat. Securing studio time last year, they came to amass a collection of twelve songs that will now form their debut album, releasing later this year.


Before that, though, they’re letting listeners enjoy one of the early fruits of their collaboration, “Burn”. It’s a moody work of pop that rides on big, impactful vocals and strongly-expressed emotion, accompanied by a music video that sees a variety of characters journey through a desolate industrial space, with the outer environment mirroring the emotions expressed in the song. It builds to a final guitar solo that shows the trio’s fondness for maximalist rock sounds, creating a tune that feels ready for arenas.

Watch here: