Up-and-coming duo, Internet Raised, have just released their indie-pop dreamscape, "Burning Sheets".

Composed of 20-year-old Oliver Pinder and 26-year-old Vanessa Maria, Internet Raised grew up in Bradford, West Yorkshire. The pair have shared a strong passion for singing and song writing since they were young, basing their music around the concepts of love, loss, growing up, experimenting and identity. Their name derives from the idea that young people today are influenced by a ‘third parent’: The Internet. This concept was also influenced by a poignant lyric in “A World Alone” from Lorde’s debut album ‘Pure Heroine’, an artist who is a large inspiration to the duo.


With Oliver on keys, guitars, percussion and vocals, and Vanessa focusing on vocal delivery whilst playing some synth and percussion, Internet Raised have curated an exciting, dynamic live show. In 2020, the pair took some original demos to James Kenosha, an illustrious producer known for his work with Birdy and Rhodes, who expanded on Oliver’s existing production.


“Burning Sheets” is the duo’s latest release in what is expected to be a steady stream of singles throughout 2021. Championing the LGBTQ+ community with their engaging lyricism, “Burning Sheets” showcases the duo’s authentic songwriting ability. Speaking of their new single, Internet Raised explains, “‘Burning Sheets’ is a song about letting your hair down. We wrote it in the middle of the first lockdown when all we wanted to do is go to town and have a drink.”


Fun and flirtatious, the track features smooth vocals delivering infectious melodies and dreamy harmonies. “Burning Sheets” is a dose of sonic sunshine that makes us all the more impatient for the dawn of summer.

Listen to 'Burning Sheets' below: