Tiffany Lauren Bennicke addresses the dismissal of mental health discussions in her acclaimed short film, But I Want to Leave the Party.

During the Cannes World Film Festival in 2022, the world was presented with the short, critically acclaimed film, But I Want to Leave the Party, by Tiffany Lauren Bennicke. Diving deep into the struggles of mental health, the visuals shine a light on some of life’s lowest moments and the strenuous trek back to normality.  Hoping to start an important conversation, the movie provokes thought and questions how well our understanding is of the path people take to recover from mental illness.


Having accumulated two awards during Cannes Film Festival, the movie has since been shown on Apple TV, and Google Play, garnering 46 awards and 27 nominations for its greatness. Continually touching on the message of hope and strength, it explores prominent themes of empowering women through strong female leads and the lens of high art, putting representation at the forefront. Tiffany wanted to create an angle that introduced broader conversations about important themes like mental health and sexism.


With But I Want to Leave the Party, Tiffany uses her platform for the great of good, shining a light on sensitive subjects and opening up space between people. On a personal note, she has had to overcome her own adversity throughout her career, to find a purpose and make art that will resonate with people who aren’t always represented so candidly in cinema.


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