Fego Navarro has dropped his smooth, coffee-fuelled new track, "Café Con Leche".

Fego Navarro’s interest in hip hop began a young age, where he would blend his love for freestyle rapping outside church with his friends with his frequent exposure to his mother’s varied range of South American music. He’d display this melting pot of musical obsessions at local open mics, quickly making him one to notice.


As an adult, he’s kept that curiosity central to his music. He draws both from his contemporaries in San Francisco, where he’s part of the artistic collective and record label, and from the tragedies of his past in El Salvador, where his father fought in the brutal civil wars of the 1980s. At the intersection of curiosity and pain comes his music.


His new track, “Café Con Leche”, emphasises the joy. Timed well for Valentine’s Day, it’s a buttery smooth ode to Navarro’s partner that draws upon a rich well of Latin American culture that Navarro has brought to his home in the US, and a strong reminder of his ability to always control the mood in his tunes. Also, it’s about the deliciousness of coffee, which is just about the most relatable theme there is.


On the track, Navarro says, “Café con Leche is a Latin tropical-filled vibe that wakes you up like a shot of espresso. It’s about my longing for a partner who will be by his side every morning like a cup of coffee to start the day. Hopefully, this song will get you moving and grooving as caffeine does to the heartbeat. I heard the beat from a producer named Mantra. Instantly I got Latin vibes and was inspired to write about a romantic relationship that revolved around Coffee and dancing. Growing up, Coffee has always been a big part of my culture. My grandfather cultivated Coffee in his country EL Salvador, so in some ways, I feel the song also connects to my family roots. Incorporating Spanish lyrics, I envision the song reaching other Latin American countries across the globe.”

Listen here: