River Styx shares the pop-rock track "Call Me Anytime"

The 20-year-old singer/songwriter uses music to share their life experiences and enjoys melding genres. On “Call Me Anytime”, for example, the track features both electronic and rock elments, with a guitar solo featuring prominently in one part.


Coming in at just 2 minutes 57, “Call Me Anytime” is River Styx’s third track to be released this year, following the Lana Del Rey-esque ethereal number “Angel” and the bluesy “Alive Again.”


Now based in L.A. but originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Styx was exposed to a number of different genres growing up. From their obsession with One Direction to modelling their lyrics off Fall Out Boy, they’ve pulled influences from pop, rock and R&B to make their own unique sound.


“It’s about that feeling you get when you double-text someone you like, and you have that dreaded moment of ‘oh no- I think I’m obsessed with them’” River Styx explained of the track.


Listen to “Call Me Anytime” below: