Sleepy Tom's new tune is a blast of nostalgic 80s disco energy.

As Sleepy Tom, Vancouver-based producer Cam Tatham has charted an impressive path in music. His calling card to date has been his collaborative work on “Be Right There” by Diplo, which attained chart spots both on the specialist dance music charts and crossing over to the overall leaderboards too, but he has collaborated with a huge array of labels and artists in his time.


Creating his own music as Sleepy Tom is a natural extension of that project for Tatham – absorbing the influences of the likes of The Weeknd and spinning out in a new way entirely.


Featuring Dawn Pemberton, the track springs into instant life on an energetic synth line and the upbeat vocals of Tatham, swirling around catchy choruses and breakdowns that wouldn’t be out of place on an 80s dancefloor.


On the song, Sleepy Tom says, “‘Call My Name’ started out last spring on a Zoom session with Parker Bossley–he helped me write this forthcoming EP. I had been wanting to make more uplifting music, and this song ended up being the framework for the sound I was after. We had a blast recording with the amazing [Vancouver-based] Dawn Pemberton, as well as the Vancouver Youth Choir, both of who really made this song come to life!”

Listen below: