LIE NING releases new single "Can I Have This Dance", all about the magical moment when two people connect on the dancefloor.

Berlin-based artist LIE NING is a triple threat with one hell of a voice. The singer, dancer and model has already seen success with last year’s singles “tonight” and “wandering romance”. Now, he’s back with the new single “Can I Have This Dance”, produced by PARISI (Ed Sheeran, RZA, Black Eyed Peas). 


Opening with a mesmerising cello, a pulsing electronic beat joins as LIE NING begins to sing of a connection made on the dancefloor. Rather than focusing on lust, NING instead tells the story of a vibe that is meta, transcending, instinctive and pure.


The track encapsulates a feeling of freedom and re-connection with others following two years of social distancing, lockdowns, anxiety, fear, and instability. LIE NING here creates a track that bottles the magic that takes place when two people meet and vibe on the same frequency.


“‘Can I have this Dance is a song to which I want to dance to, a song that makes me want to to feel myself,” says LIE NING. “So, with your consent … Can I have this dance?”

Listen below: