11 LIT3S has dropped a smooth and suave new track, "Candles & Clarity".

11 LIT3S is a collaborator at heart, having helped to pen songs for some of the biggest artists around, such as Rihanna and James Arthur. More recently, however, he has decided to strike out on his own and show the world his individual, memorable artistic voice.


Along those lines, he has crafted a collection of songs providing listeners a glimpse into his emotional world, alongside a virtual project called the 11 LIT3S Hotel. The latest taste from that collection is the new track “Candles & Clarity”, a chilled out tune that smoothly invites the listener into a world of carefully crafted hooks and trap beats – one where 11 LIT3S is totally in control. At the centre of it all is a voice that is both polished and raw – familiar and new.


On the track, 11 LIT3S states, “C&C is about me having to hide my ways from a girl that I’m into, knowing she moves the same way I do.”


Listen to the track below: