Austin quartet Candy Riot share brand-new futuristic LP 'MOONSTAR.’

A synth-rock prodigy, Candy Riot are: Bobby Cheatham, Liz Freezor, Ricky Rodriguez and Erica Porter. This August saw the band share their full-length LP, ‘MOONSTAR,’ an accumulation of nine idiosyncratic 80s tunes.  


Crafting a distinctive sound of experimental beats and looping synths, Candy Riot have made an effortless first impression across their debut LP, ‘MOONSTAR.’ Packing themes of marriage, death and divorce (the holy trinity), across industrial dance beats, Candy Riot successfully pull the wool over your eyes with a project that urges you to dance. Moved by the forever-evolving ambience of audio technology, ‘MOONSTAR,’ glides you from one technicality into the next.  


Valuing the ability to see the light in bad situations, across this LP, Candy Riot drive you across their own personal journey of raw emotions and sticky situations. Emphasising that whilst you might be experiencing heartbreak, there really is no greater saviour than a house track soaked in 80s inspired 808 beats. 

Stream ‘MOONSTAR’ by Candy Riot below: