Dive into Malak’s entrancing new track, “Can’t Catch an Emotion” – a deeply emotional song about being disconnected from emotion itself.

The Egyptian singer/songwriter, who grew up in Cairo on a diet of Guns & Roses, Dire Straits and Cat Stevens, has been releasing music since 2014. Her debut EP ‘Alters’ launched that year and was later followed by a number of singles – namely “Wild Summer Hearts” and “Spirits Of Time.” Now, Malak is back with her latest track, “Can’t Catch an Emotion,” a slow, vulnerable number encased in warm vocals.


Speaking on “Can’t Catch an Emotion,” Malak says “I wrote the song at a time when I felt completely disconnected from myself and everything around me. For the longest time I found it difficult to feel things like I used to and coming from an emotional person, that indifference was very foreign to me. I decided to write about the only emotion I could put into words at the time. I was physically there, but I was somewhere else completely. By writing and working on this song, I slowly started to connect to myself again as an artist and was able to do more than just “drag my body through time.”


The mesmerising visuals take us on a journey from desert to ocean. We first see Malak alone in a stretch of desolate sandy terrain, yet as she sings, flowers begin to grow. We’re then treated to shots of lapping waves and the dark seafloor, before Malak wades into the sea, becoming one with the deep blue.


Listen to “Can’t Catch an Emotion” below: