Brussels-based The Haze put a sensual spin on Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ classic track, “Can’t Stop”.

The Haze is the brainchild of two artists from two vastly different musical genres. Stéphanie Bertrand, singer and flautist, has a background in jazz, while partner Maximilian De Vos is a compulsive techno producer with a penchant for pop. Together, they pool their expertise into a self-made sound of rap-loaded electro-pop. The goal? Simply to make people dance. 


Their most recent offering is “Can’t Stop”, a mellow take on Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ high-energy rock original. Channelling the individuality that the track speaks to, Stéphanie’s smooth vocals glide over Maximillian’s moody pads and drums, before finishing in a 303 finale. 


The track comes a year after the duo’s first-ever live gig, and follows previous release “End of the Show”, which they put out last year. A more lively, upbeat single with an undercurrent of humour, looking at the track alongside “Can’t Stop” highlights the pair’s versatility and experimental nature in these early stages. With more guilty-pop pleasures in the works, The Haze is looking to become the next big thing to come out of Brussels.

Stream "Can't Stop" below: