Carmody drops a graceful, choreographed video for her latest single Summer Rain.

Carmody is one of our favourite singers in London at the moment. A collaborator of Tom Misch, her voice is spectal and soaring, her sound delicately placed between R&B, jazz and electronica. Today she’s sharing the video for her new single ‘Summers Rain’. Premiering on Notion it’s a highly choreographed affair, with Carmody dancing inside an abandonned house. Watch the video below and catch our chat with Carmody about it after the jump.

What’s the concept behind ‘Summer Rain’?

I wanted to create a ‘lover’s world’, to emulate that transcendent feeling you have when you first fall in love. Everything around you can be falling apart, but you’re just lost in your own reverie. I also wanted to dance in this video, so I contacted Liv Lockwood. Liv had previously choreographed my last video ‘The Light of Me’. Liv and I decided on choosing a location that felt distressed, but also beautiful to help reinforce those ideas.

How involved were you in the video?

Liv and I collaborated together on the concept for the video. We both had similar visions and wanted to create something dreamlike and other-worldly. There were lots of discussions about plants, bubbles and smoke! This time Liv really wanted to take on Directing the video as well as Choreographing and was incredible at bringing this ethereal quality to life through her visual ideas, storyboard and movement. We worked closely on the styling, selecting the location and the overall aesthetic for the video. Another collaborator was Alice Underwood who was the DOP for this video, she also worked on ‘The Light of Me’ as a photographer and is a long-term collaborator with Liv, she has a fantastic eye and was amazing at capturing the choreography. We worked really well as a team, the day of the shoot felt so organic and creative.

Where did you shoot it?

We shot it in South East London, at the Safehouse in Peckham.

What does the choreography in the video mean to you?

For me, it’s about release and joy. Using your body to express the dream-like state you wander into when you fall in love. Getting lost elsewhere and finding yourself again…

What’s next for you?

I have an EP coming out real soon, and I’m working on a poetry book, also planning an intimate live show in London to celebrate the release.


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