San Francisco artist Carrie. is back with an eerie new single “MEDICINE”, out today alongside her third studio album ‘inSOLO’.

Currently based in San Francisco, California, Carrie. is an artist whose work is a transparent guide into her self-consciousness. Now onto the release of her third studio album ‘inSOLO’, her latest single “MEDICINE” sees the artist weave electronic tendencies into her stapled pop sounds. 


Making a name for herself with previous releases, “Somebody Else”, “Pray 4 Me”, and “Canary Yellow”, Carrie.’s 2020 hit “Chasing Sun”, was also featured on the Netflix original show Titletown High. 


Whispering sultry vocals, “MEDICINE” opens up an out-of-world experience and sees the artist collaborate with visionary producer Dimi. Speaking about the meaning of the track Carrie. explains the track “is a back and forth between my body and my mind. Self-medication causes further damage when issues aren’t addressed at the core. Take a look at what you’ve done to cope with the frictions of existing. The mind forgets but the body doesn’t. Is there a better way?”. 

Stream "MEDICINE" below: