International Women’s Day: Musical Heroines

We celebrate International Women's Day with five women who have to show that women do it best.

Maggie Lindemann

We head to LA to spend an afternoon with the queen of the charts, Maggie Lindemann

Creepy Yeha

We head to New York to hang out with the girl whose designs have been favoured by Rihanna, Lizzo and Nicki Minaj.

Why Dave’s “Black” Is So Important To Me

"Dave's latest single, "Black" is an impassioned track that explores black identity, excellence, and diaspora. I was touched by Dave's recital of a life I could wholly connect to."

Solange’s When I Get Home

After her seminal album, A Seat at the Table, Solange Knowles continues to set herself apart as a unique artist. We pick apart her follow-up, the incredible When I Get Home.


As they launch their very own label, we meet with studio Root 73 to discuss their community-first approach.

“Kissing Pavements” by Marques Martin

Marques brings a taste of old-school NYC to his latest lo-fi visuals for "Kissing Pavements".

Kodie Shane

We meet the queer rapper whose unique sound and no-fucks-given attitude is paving the way for the next generation.

LGBT History Month: Nakhane

To celebrate LGBT History Month, we've asked a group of queer musicians to pen essays and share stories that reflect this years theme: Peace, Activism and Reconciliation.