Firsts with Franc Moody

Back with a brand-new album, two members of Franc Moody tell Notion their musical firsts: from writing an early ode to boiled eggs, to owning their first oboe.

Internet Crush: Sorana

Multiplatinum singer-songwriter, Sorana, takes on the persona of an intergalactic cowgirl for her new track "Wild Girls". To celebrate the release, Sorana lets Notion in on her songwriting process and what motto she lives by.

Fresh Face: Finn Foxell

Fast-rising rapper Finn Foxell chats about his new single, lyrical inspirations and big plans for the rest of the year.

Notion x Dr. Martens ‘Tough As You’ Emerging Artist Callout: Nikhil Beats

Having been selected from our recent Notion x Dr. Martens ‘Tough As You’ emerging artist callout, get to know rising star Nikhil Beats as he talks us through his journey and what's next.

Tones And I is Embracing World-Domination

Global artist Tones and I tells Notion about life on the road, working with Macklemore and making most Shazammed track of all time.

Notion 91: Daine

Celebrating the release of her debut mixtape, daine gets into the challenges of breaking through during the pandemic, what it’s like to be Charli XCX’s protégé and why this new project feels like a tombstone to her adolescence

Fresh Face: Len

Ever-evolving rising rapper Len is Notion's latest Fresh Face, answering quick-fire questions on pet peeves, getting recognised and more.

Firsts with JBee

Back with a new single "24", we discover rising rapper JBee's musical firsts.

Projexx: More Love, Less Ego

Breakout star Projexx is Notion's latest Internet Crush following the release of huge summer tunes "Caution" and "Turn Around".