BLEU: “I Don’t Plan on Stopping Anytime Soon”

We chat to BLEU about his year so far, one that's included award wins, a Wireless performance, new baby and fresh single with Nicki Minaj.

Fresh Face: Jason Nkanga

A complete self-starter, rising Nigerian rapper Jason Nkanga discusses his latest single “Truth”, musical influences and what separates him from other rappers.

Johnny Orlando: “Nobody really knows what they’re doing, so you might as well say your piece”

The artist reflects on his musical journey so far, culminating in his most personal body of work yet: this summer's debut album, 'all the things that could go wrong'.

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JAXN is Lost in His Imagination

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In the Mix: Trophie

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Firsts with Franc Moody

Back with a brand-new album, two members of Franc Moody tell Notion their musical firsts: from writing an early ode to boiled eggs, to owning their first oboe.

Internet Crush: Sorana

Multiplatinum singer-songwriter, Sorana, takes on the persona of an intergalactic cowgirl for her new track "Wild Girls". To celebrate the release, Sorana lets Notion in on her songwriting process and what motto she lives by.

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Fast-rising rapper Finn Foxell chats about his new single, lyrical inspirations and big plans for the rest of the year.