Hannah Lucia can’t stop thinking about you

Hannah Lucia conjures an unlikely pop banger from the depths of London's club scene.

Party in the alleyways of Marrakech with Miraa May and Mineo in the new video for Bout To Get High

Mineo unleashes his newest single on Black Butter, the Miraa May featuring Bout To Get High.

Baloji invents refugee disco on new single L’hiver Indien

Baloji's new single is the perfect balance between irony and sincerity, we premiere the video for L'hiver Indien.

A new wunderkind emerges on Vasser’s self-titled EP

We premiere the new self-titled EP by upcoming producer and songwriter Vasser.

Bristol’s Bellatrix is an underground pop hero in the making

Pioneering bassist and singer, Bellatrix keeps the summer of strange pop rolling with her new single Wish I Could.

Lyves weaves a tale of loss in Rest Your Head

Lyves explores a loss in the second part of her ongoing 8 Rooms series, Rest Your Head.

Rising MC Dylan Cartlidge reaches out to the outcasts on The World Outside

Redcar rapper Dylan Cartlidge reaches out the alienated kids and bored teens on his new single The World Outside.

ParaFiction’s new single Wavey Days is a sea-salt flavoured punch in the face

ParaFiction's new single combines hardcore punk, hip-hop and internet irony with brutal efficiency.

Kyan floats along the Aztec canals of Mexico City in the video for Like Summer

Kyan takes a trip through the ancient canals of Mexico City in the hallucinogenic video for new single Like Summer.