“Favourites” by Sergio Pizzorno featuring Little Simz

“Favourites” by Sergio Pizzorno featuring Little Simz

Lead guitarist behind one of England's most notorious rock band's, Kasabian, Sergio Pizzorno crafts a new musical realm by fusing rock with rap on his latest explosive track "Favourites" featuring rapper Little Simz.

“Turkey Dinner” by Pinky Pinky

“Turkey Dinner” by Pinky Pinky

Three very chic best friends, here to reclaim the lost sound of Rock N Roll in their latest Album release "Turkey Dinner". Check out their latest playlist curated exclusively for Notion.

“Why Don’t You Look At Me” by Lily Moore

A hidden gem emerging from the streets of the South Coast, Lily Moore has more on her mind...

James Bay

James Bay releases surprise EP 'Oh My Messy Mind'

“Too Young” by Howard Kaye and Sam Carter

Two musical artists from Brighton team up on an enthralling new track "Too Young".

“Fix My Lonely” by Kali Claire

Spiling the tea for cure of an emotional, heartfelt teen, Kali Claire is searching for a medicine to fix her lonely.


Releasing his second bouncy track of the year, BiG HEATH soundtracks his life in his latest single "Biggy".

‘Too Good’ by Chi Virgo

Self-directed solo artist Chi Virgo doesn't sweat the small stuff with her second single 'Too Good'.

‘Faded’ – Lil Anne & Taylor Beau

"Chivalry isn’t dead.. Say no to fuck boys.”

“Arena” by Dyo

Releasing her first solo pop song sure to lure you in, meet Dyo, the hidden songstress behind Wiley, Chip and Luis Fonsi's tunes.

“The Map” by Lola Coca

Singer, artist, and overall daily positive energy and hilarious IG social commentator Lola Coca is back with a 1960's disco-dub inspired track.

“State Your Name” by Outer Stella Overdrive

Outer Stella Overdrive showcase the nostalgic track visuals for their debut single, "State Your Name".

“Dark Nights” by Katus Myles

Self-produced and self-signed, musical artist Katus Myles releases a fresh single off his latest EP "Nights In The City".