Emerging talent and independent artist, Ratrodek, unfolds a climactic debut single “Chain of Sorrow” out today.

Ratrodek is an independent artist hailing from New Delhi, India, currently working towards his solo career. Today sees him share his debut single “Chains of Sorrow”, an emotive release with a climactic build. This brand-new track sees the artist combine a concoction of genres to perfect his sound.


Whilst new to the music industry, Ratrodek’s flair for effortless storytelling is proven in this introductory single. His soft-spoken vocals are paired with fun guitar licks, and protruding drums, and is a perfect taster of what to expect throughout his new musical journey. 


Speaking about the meaning behind “Chains of Sorrow” Ratrodek says: “This song is about giving hope, strength, resilience to people having tough times in their lives”. Having moved to Chicago in 2017 to pursue his studies, Ratrodek later took inspiration from the unfortunate turbulence and prejudice he experienced there into an earnest project. “Chain of Sorrow” urges the message that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even when you feel at your lowest.

Stream “Chains of Sorrow” below: