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To kick off International Women's Day, we launch a new female led 5-part video series which shines the spotlight on some of the amazing women working in the music industry. First up, Cleo Sol.

International Women’s Day is a day that champions women everywhere – mums, sisters, aunties. The day was made to unify women and sneer at disparity. Created by the Suffragettes – a resolute group of women who rallied against female inequality in the 19th and 20th century, the day remains significant in remembering heroines of the past, present and future.  

While a lot has changed since the Suffragettes’ era of misogyny, unreasonable restrictions and imprisonment, inequality remains a deep-rooted crux, especially in the music industry. Currently, only 12.3% of songwriters are women while only a disappointing 2% of music producers are women. To add salt to the wound, in the entire 61-year history of the Grammys only 6 women have been nominated for the Producer of the Year award.

To reduce the imbalance between male and female winners, the Grammy’s launched an initiative to support female producers and engineers. The Recording Academy has also requested that “at least two women are identified and therefore considered as part of the selection process every time a music producer or engineer is hired” – although phrased indirectly, the Recording Academy has indirectly said, “Women are just as good as men, so hire them”!

To celebrate women in music, we’ve profiled five creatives who are remarkable at their craft, from producing to singing…. Our International Women’s Day gift to you is a treasure trove of amazing female artists who are the top of their game.

Our first talent is the unstoppable Cleo Sol AKA Gyallikeclee. She’s a writer and producer based in London. Known for her soulful tones, and Jazz inspired sound, Sol’s music is a cocktail of live instruments, heartfelt vocals, and the occasional feature. Her deeply rooted passion for music can only be a result of genetics; born to musical parents who met in a Jazz band, her half Serbian and Spanish Mum is a singer, guitarist and flutist. While her Jamaican Dad plays the bass and piano. Sol’s sound is the result of her musical family tree, as a youngster she would race through a record collection of classics across Motown, Reggae, Latin, and Acid Jazz. Her passion for music has nurtured her musical development, so much so, she even produces.

With a unrivalled creative flair and a dedication in taking ownership of our musical output, Cleo Sol shows that women can do it, and they do it well.

Championing Women in Music: Cleo Sol

Championing Women in Music : Cleo Sol

To kick off International Women's Day, we're launching a new female led 5-part video series which shines the spotlight on some of the amazing women working in the music industry. First up, we meet musician Cleo Sol.

Posted by Notion on Friday, 8 March 2019

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