The multi-talented musician, Suave, shares his new single about self-acceptance, “Changes”.

Having amassed a sizeable following on Spotify through a scattering of alt-pop hip-hop hybrid singles, Suave is ready to put down roots with his debut EP “Changes”. The UK-born, Cincinnati-based artist has been brewing his unique sound since 2018. Suave’s music is directly inspired by his experiences with synaesthesia, a condition where specific sounds trigger a corresponding experience of colour or emotion in the brain or vice versa.


The self-made musician, who writes, produces, and provides vocals for all his own work, is gearing up for his big release with a new single of the same name, also the EP’s leading track. “Changes” opens with transcendent synths – reminiscent of London Grammar – which are undercut by a brisk hip-hop beat, layered with his floaty vocals.


“Changes” is a highly personal track. Suave has explained, “this song represents the realization I had only after being in such a bad place for so long. Success doesn’t just happen. This song speaks of that important moment in my life that changed how I write, how I work, how I promote myself and my drive to be heard has only increased since that day. That is what this song means to me.”


With this impressive, impactful taster from his debut EP, make sure to keep listening out for what else Suave has in store.

Listen to "Changes" below: