WRYT's latest music cries out against injustice in rocking style.

Growing up, WRYT soaked in the manifold inspirations of living in a musical family, from his father’s experience as a gospel artist to his brother’s tenure touring the world as a drummer. He’s taken those precedents and turned it into a brand of art that’s truly defined by what he cares about.


Social conscience is at the heart of WRYT’s music – motivated in turn by his passion for equality and struggles with mental health, his art unapologetically sends a message to its listeners. That’s certainly the case with his latest single, “Charlatan”.


It’s a bold, thudding piece of alternative rock that seems to call back to the sounds of the 2000s in its unfiltered emotionality, expressing an intensity of feeling that feels distinct to WRYT.


On the song, he says, “Charlatan was written in response to the tragic removal of Haitian migrants in Texas. I was appalled at the use of whips on black immigrants that echoed the same strain and hurt by the Slave Trade. I personally found the act to be incredibly cowardice and without regard for human decency. It only reinforces this notion that power is held by the oppressor, and any chance to grow from this is stifled and choked out.”

Listen to "Charlatan" below: