Ahead of a busy festival season, we got acquainted with rising talent Charlotte Plank, talking celebrity co-signs, the importance of sisterhoods and what’s to come.

Charlotte Plank is the Rudimental-approved artist breaking down boundaries in Britain’s thriving DnB scene. Alongside fellow members of the Loud LDN collective, like venbee, piri and Willow Kayne, the Australian-English singer-songwriter is at the epicentre of an Amen break revivalism. Welcoming and passionate, DnB has bred a fanaticism over the years that’s difficult to ignore, but until now, the genre has been dominated by men.  


Perfecting her craft at raves, Charlotte’s music hits hearts and dancefloors with equal ferocity. A contrasting combination of chaos and raw relatability has elevated her beyond a vocalist for some of the country’s biggest DJs and into an artist with her own hits. Nowhere is this more telling than on latest single, “White Noise”. Fusing facets of indie-pop, garage and jungle, the track references turbulent and toxic relationships with admirable honesty.  


After a crazy 2022, the Black Butter signee has gone from strength to strength, and with festival season in full swing, Charlotte’s name is becoming unavoidable. With an EP in the works, and an arsenal of DnB hits equipped for this summer’s biggest stages, we got acquainted with the rising talent, talking celebrity co-signs, the importance of sisterhoods and what’s to come. Tap in below.

Your new single, “White Noise”, just came out. How would you describe the song for people not familiar with your music?

I’d say it’s a contrasting combination of chaos, electronic indie pop and breakbeats, intertwined with a raw and relatable story. I think this is my favourite release yet, I made it shortly after “L.S.D (Love So Damaged)” last summer with Matt Wills. We were just having a laugh really, throwing together random sounds and samples on the chorus. It encapsulates the feeling of being on a ride at the fairground and not having a care in the world. The stripped-back verses are the come down from it all, reflecting the rollercoaster ride relationships can be.

“Hate Me”, your debut single, was only released last year and you’re already making a name for yourself. How are you coping with all of the excitement of the last few months?

It’s been crazy this year; everything’s so surreal right now. When I hear my tunes on the radio, work with artists I’m inspired by and people sing my tunes at shows, I think it’s all just nuts. The imposter syndrome we have as artists is mad. Things move fast in this industry, so I’m saying yes to every opportunity; it’s what I’ve been working up to my whole life!

You’ve even released a track with Rudimental called “Dancing is Healing”. How did it feel to collaborate with such a big artist so early on in your career?

I’ve been so lucky to have the Rudimental family onboard since they brought me out at their Brixton show last summer. They’ve been one of my inspirations since their debut album, so it’s a full-circle moment to collaborate together! They’ve helped so many amazing artists at early stages in their careers, giving them a platform to go on and do great things, like Anne Marie, Ella Eyre, John Newman and Morgan, so I’ve got big boots to fill.

“White Noise” is about someone who refuses to take responsibility for their actions. Do you often find yourself drawing on personal experiences as inspiration for new music?

I’ve always found songwriting a great way to put my feelings down, using it as a way to talk about things I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. In music, you can always hide meaning from people by saying it’s hypothetical, but I can’t fully get my head into a song unless it’s come from a personal place. I find that storytelling from the heart always helps others relate to my music more.

I read that you’re inspired by artists like Nirvana and Amy Winehouse. How do you find yourself incorporating these into your own music?

I’ve found that being inspired by a range of genres is vital to creating my own unique sound. For years I wasn’t really sure where I fit in, but when I thought about blending different elements of what I love, that’s when the magic happened. For example, I love dance music, like DnB, which lends itself to being mixed in with other genres. I like to play around with The Cure or Nirvana-type guitar riffs, over breakbeats, while relaying relatable storytelling inspired by Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. I’d say they’re the three main components of a Charlotte Plank track.

On your Instagram you’ve documented some of your live shows. What does the London rave scene mean to you and what would you recommend for people looking to start going to events?

Performing and going to raves when I was younger is what started the fire in me. The music community is so supportive, I needed to be a part of it and wanted to be by sharing music and inspiring others to do the same. There are so many great networks and event organisers out there for people looking to join a crew.

You’re also a member of the collective LOUD LDN which supports female and non-binary musicians in London. What does the support of the group mean to you?

LOUD LDN is an amazing collective of talented girls killing it right now. It’s the big sisterhood we never knew that we needed. Being an artist can get really lonely at times and you can lose sight of your friendships. To have a support network to ask advice and share music with is really important and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

You were also recently featured on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music when he played your song “L.S.D. (Love so Damaged)”. How did it feel to get that kind of recognition?

That was a highlight so far, I can’t lie! Hearing a legend like Zane Lowe singing the lyrics to my song was a crazy moment. He’s so genuine about the music he loves and the artists he’s excited about. I’ve been a fan of his for so many years, so to have him supporting me from this early in my career is mental, I hope to meet him one day.

You’ve also talked about your love for fashion. Beyond music, is there anything else you want to explore creatively?

I feel like creativity is in my blood. My mum’s an amazing artist, my dad did photography and my uncle is a DJ. This is why I love being an artist because I can dip into different facets of creativity. Whether that’s designing my own merchandise, helping to direct my videos or design the cover art.

After such a busy few months, what can we expect to see from you in the next few? Are there any projects we can expect to see soon?

These times are only going to get better! I’m beyond excited for festival season, hopping around with Turno, Skepsis and Rudimental, as well as doing my own sets. It doesn’t get much better than sharing new music in a festival setting, so I can’t wait to see everyone over the summer. I’ve got lots of new music on the way and maybe even a debut EP later on in the year.

Stream "White Noise" below:

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