Emerging artist viisi explores haunting memories in ethereal new track, “chasing ghosts” alongside Chelsea Collins.

Los Angeles-based musician viisi’s teamed up with singer-songwriter Chelsea Collins for the first teaser of his upcoming EP. With Collins’s heavenly vocals, it’s a euphonic blend of atmospheric acoustics and wavering beats. The nostalgic lyrics traverse the breakdown of a relationship and the memories that linger long after. Exploring human experience with honesty, the track is straight proof of viisi’s dynamism as a musician.


Although this spectral single has a pop feel, viisi’s interest in music was first awoken by an early Eminem. He was introduced to the prolific ‘90s rapper by his father, who would show him snippets of rap and hip-hop music during his teenage years. Hungry for more, he snuck out an old laptop and fell down a rabbit hole of Dr Dre, Tupac, and Biggie. Aged 14, viisi dropped his first rough cut. Fast forward just five years and he’d be playing at packed-out shows across Europe. 


And for the young artist, this is just the beginning. As he explains, “‘chasing ghosts’ is a turning point in my career. It represents my dedication to keep pushing myself as an artist….we made a beautiful song that perfectly represents our personal struggles with our own relationships falling apart.”

Stream "chasing ghosts" below.