Singer, songwriter, and producer Benny Bizzie drops new seven-track project ‘Chrysalis'.

London-born Benny Bizzie is back with a new project. Having taken a five-year hiatus that ended in 2019, he triumphantly follows his comeback EP ‘E-Motion’ with latest release ‘Chrysalis’. Brimming with hip-hop sensibilities, tracks like “‘Window Frame”, “On The Double”, “Forever”, and “Signals” explore themes including love and relationships, alongside some summer-ready bops.


Born to Nigerian parents and raised in Tottenham, North London, Bizzie’s initial musical passions were channelled into songwriting. Working as a grime artist, his musical evolution eventually led to R&B leanings. Combining a strong grime foundation with impressive singing ability, his career so far boasts collaborations including Skepta, JME, and Meridian Dan.


Going TikTok viral earlier this year with the single “Drunk N Naked”, two more track releases later the artist has dropped his ‘Chrysalis’ EP. Speaking about the inspiration behind the project, Benny Bizzie describes: “The EP is about love, growth, and empowerment. Somewhere along the way in my life, I forgot who I was, and I lost myself, but I am getting it back one day at a time. ‘Chrysalis’ is me breaking free from the caterpillar stage, and becoming a butterfly, where we spread our wings and fly.”

Stream 'Chrysalis' below: