Emerging drill artist Steezydmv bids goodbye to haters on his brand-new cut “City Life” featuring Boodap.h.i.

Dominick Francis, better known by musical moniker Steezydmv, is currently working on establishing his music career through a string of gritty releases. Working on an ascending journey since his debut single “squad anthem”, “City Life” is sees his latest release and an edgy trap song.


Having joined the military at 20, the artist later returned home to study at college, where he began making music after receiving a microphone and interface to record with. Taking interest in rappers like Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy growing up, Steezy quickly discovered his own voice as a rapper and uses it to spit lyrics on his own real-life experiences.


“City Life” sees the rapper partner up with Boodap.h.i for a playful egotistic release about the highs that come with a successful artist’s city life. From the expensive cars to the endless dating, and a constant stream of cash. Whilst materialistic on the outside, this new release sees the artist celebrate his progression as a rapper. Speaking about “City Life” Steezy says: “The song is about not caring what other people are doing and focuses on my perception of life in my city. City life is not the same for everyone in this town but this is my take on my hometown. Growing up with nothing to swerving a scat pack in the same hood that my teachers thought I wouldn’t be anything in. Coming up and stunting on the haters!”.

Stream "City Life" below: