RAY KIRK & DANTZ team up with Tia P. on newest single “Closer To You”.

Japan based artists RAY KIRK and DANTZ recently returned to the spotlight with another collaborative track titled “Closer To You.” The song follows up their 2022 release, “MOVE,” which amassed over 250,000 streams on Spotify alone.


The dynamic duo called on rising female vocalist Tia P. for backup on this new track, adding a unique female voice to its vibrant vibe. Tia P. plays a major role in the song’s sound, being one of the main voices heard throughout the track.


On “Closer To You,” the three artists had a goal to bring worship music into the club scene. It’s not often you’ll see a crowd bobbing their heads to lyrics praising God. “Whether they know what they are saying when they recite the lyrics, or they’re just singing because they like the beat, God gets the glory,” explained RAY KIRK.


Mixing together afrobeats, pop, and organic house with a flare of Asian elements, “Closer To You” features everything you’d want in a club record. Tia P.‘s angelic voice is triumphant, pausing only when RAY KIRK is ready to interject some smooth words to keep your legs moving.


Each artist has their own plans for the future but they’re hoping to collaborate together again one day. RAY KIRK is currently working on a new EP , Tia P. is working on an album, and DANTZ wants to work more on mixing different genres together.


With live performances, song placements, and more music on the horizon, it’s an exciting time to be following each one of these artists.

Stream "Closer To You” below: