R&B hotshot Kemuel journeys through life’s twists and turns in latest EP, Clouds.

Kemuel is an artist who prioritises his knack for storytelling atop anything else. Painting layers of emotion onto every track he pens, he beckons listeners to delve deep into their introspection, whilst forging connections with others in doing so. Harnessing his personal experiences, navigating life’s ebbs and flows, he unfurls candid lyrics on top of a melting pot of production—ranging from stripped-back melancholic melodies to pulsating afrobeat rhythms.


Plunging his storytelling prowess into his most recent EP, Clouds, we see every track take on differing moods and emotions. Whilst opening track, ‘Alone’ sets a tone of introspective solitude, blending dancehall with R&B and soul, ‘234’ yearns for a lover atop of a bouncy electronic production. We see his latest hit, ‘POLO’ make an appearance, as it dishes out an amapiano fusion full of upbeat vibes and summertime bliss.


As the EP progresses, we see Kemuel opt for a darker path. In ‘GLNT’ Kemuel battles internal demons, whilst in ‘FIND’ heartache is the driving force. With the project coming to a close, ‘Focus’ stands as a motivational reminder to persevere through distractions and hardships, echoing the universal drive to one day achieve your dreams.

Listen to Clouds now: