As part of our 'Co-Signed by Clara Amfo' list for 2023, MetteNarrative discusses staying patient, and why the stars are aligning for the year ahead.



With some artists, there is a sense of their creative output manifesting in many forms, across many stages of their career journey, all in aid of growth and self-discovery. MetteNarrative is one such artist, now focussing on music having exploded onto the wider pop cultural landscape as the star of the N.E.R.D and Rihanna “Lemon” video.


Ever-expanding her artistic toolkit, the artist’s travels from her LA home to the UK saw her find kindred spirits to collaborate with, crafting a collection of songs rooted in dance rhythms. Honing her craft, and a sound that amalgamates alternative R&B with ‘sticky pop’, it seems that in 2023, the sky’s the limit.

Why do you back yourself for 2023? 

I think that the stars are aligning. I feel that in my gut, but also because of all the shadow work that I’ve been doing for the last three and a half years to make this happen.  

What has been your biggest artistic hurdle in your journey so far? 

Patience. When you make a song and you live with it for so long and you really want it to be mirrored in the world through your fans, that level of patience can be quite challenging. You’ve got to keep the faith.  

What has been your biggest triumph in your journey so far? 

Triumph is coming to the place where I realised that I wanted to make music. I have a dance background and I’ve always used my body to get closer to music. When I realised that I wanted to write music, I got to pursue that dream. That’s a huge triumph because I‘ve come from a place where I was really quite comfortable.  

How would you define making it? 

Making it means people are using your music as a soundtrack to their daily life. And all the reasons that I make a song, whether conscious or subconscious, are being mirrored out in the world in real time 

What makes your fanbase unique? 

They love dance music. They want to move, groove, sweat, cry on the dancefloor and connect with people. 

Who would you put on our ‘Co-Signed by Clara Amfo’ list if you weren’t on it? 

Saint Montana is an artist I found on TikTok who I think has a lot of promise. I’m really inspired by seeing other artists promote themselves from a place of authenticity. 

Listen to MetteNarrative on the 'Co-Signed by Clara Amfo' playlist below:

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