Hailing from sun-filled South Florida is lyricist and creative, A.Chic with her hip-hop driven EP ‘CoCo Complex’

From reigning as the undefeated rap battle winner of her local radio station to steadily carving her own lane in the industry, A.Chic has returned with her official debut EP, ‘CoCo Complex’.


Opening the six-track project is the leading single “Bandits” which made its debut back in 2018, yet still holds its weight as a track that displays Chic’s fierce lyrical ability. The following track, ‘Heatstroke’, is the result of Chic creating her own lane and seamlessly blending together different genres with the term ‘Treggae’, which is the fusion of trap and reggae.


In the second half of the EP, she shows off her RnB inspired vocals, with smooth harmony layers over a well-produced track. This EP makes the statement of Chic’s effortless versatility as a rapper, vocalist and creative. Speaking on the EP, A.Chic says: “Bad Gyal is for women out there who follow dreams, not crowds. It’s about saying F**K what everybody else got goin on. I move on my time, at my pace and while y’all sit there watching and wondering, im handling’s my business and getting Shit done. That’s how I live my life and I admire other women who have the courage to do the same”


This is just the beginning of A.Chic’s journey to dominating the rap scene and we are here for it.

Stream "CoCo Complex" below: