Rising hyperpop artist Cody Frost is back, and we get the lowdown on her punchy new single - complete with evocative visuals and a dance routine to match.

Cody Frost’s career began with journeys from her home in Burnley to busk in Manchester, before she begun sharing her covers to YouTube. After an ADHD diagnosis led to an increased ability to manage her condition, Cody begun to focus on where music might take her. The latest instalment in this musical journey is new single “DWYSSWM (Don’t Worry Your Secret’s Safe With Me)”, a track the artist describes as about “taking back control of your body”.


A difficult experience shared by many, the solicitude of lockdown brought up many challenges for Cody Frost – especially in relation to her ADHD. Realising that songwriting might help her process and serve as a “form of therapy”, as she continued to grow her repertoire, the growth of her fanbase followed. In ‘DWYSSWM’, Cody introduces the track as bouncy pop song, before her pop-punk influences come into play and the track becomes darker and full of a powerful angst. Reflected by visuals that include the use of shibari –  an artistic form of Japanese rope bondage – the themes of control and power are present throughout.


Notion checked in with Cody to get the full lowdown on her latest single, as well as finding out what’s next for the rising artist.

Congrats on your new single, “DWYSSWM”. Can you break down what the title stands for?

The title of this song stands for “Don’t Worry your secrets safe with me”.

The track taps in to a maximalist hyperpop sound, as well as electro-punk. Did you lean into these genres naturally when creating the song, or did you go in with an intention of playing with them specifically?

I’m super inspired by Hyper-pop, but wanted to tap into my alt roots, i grew up an emo kid but i’m also super into nu-metal and heavier music so I really wanted to make a song that I could be nerdy with Dan Weller (Sikth, general production wizard) about.

Who are some of your favourite hyperpop artists at the moment?

100 GECS every time!!! WHOKILLEDXIX, there are so many but also Sophie (RIP)

You’ve said that the song was “a form of therapy” for you. Does songwriting always have this effect?

Yes! I only write when I have the need to, every song I write is an expression of something that is happening in the moment. This song was incredibly cathartic for me and very much a part of the healing process.

The music video is fantastically choreographed. Did you come up with the routine yourself or work with another creative on it?

I worked with an incredible dancer/choreographer/creative, his name is Joshua Hubbard and he worked with Katherine Hollinson to create the dance routine, we then had 3 days to practise (Josh literally worked his magic and was so patient with me).

The visual also includes shots of you suspended in Japanese rope bondage, shibari. Can you break down what this represented for you and why it was important to include it in the music video? 

This video was about reclaiming my sexuality, i’ve never really felt a particularly sexy person and I think past traumas have affected the way I view myself in that respect. The ropes represent a few things to me, the story goes that i have been tied up by the antagonist (Josh) but i escape the ropes and end up tying him up.

You’ve got an EP coming out soon. What can we expect?

More than you think! There’s more angst, honesty, an old song that people might recognise the name of and also a song that a lot of people have been asking for. (It’s not a cover).

You have been open about your early struggles with ADHD and how music has helped you. What advice would you give other creatives facing something similar?

Don’t force your creativity, it will come naturally, but do immerse yourself in creative spaces if you can, visiting museums, going to watch other musicians or even just playing music and dancing to yourself. It’s all really important and useful to me.

What are you manifesting for 2022?

Stability, opportunities that I couldn’t even dream of, I would love to do a lot more shows, maybe a tour.

Finish this sentence. I feel happiest when…

When I’m tattooing something I’m really passionate about or when I’m making new music, I love writing songs so much.

Watch the video for 'DWYSSWM (Don't Worry Your Secret's Safe With Me)' below: