Atlanta singer-songwriter, Grimm Lynn, reveals new groove-infused Summer track "Cold One".

Bringing the sultry vibes for the summer heat, Atlanta based singer and creative, Grimm Lynn refreshes us with his latest track “Cold One”. Echoing the likes of D’Angelo and Marvin Gaye with its funky melody, electric piano and Grimm’s smooth vocals, the track oozes soul. Inspired by a vast range of musical influences from Stevie Wonder and Jamiroquai to Tyler The Creator and N.E.R.D, Grimm Lynn fuses elements of these sounds, all whilst bringing his own fresh twist.


Talking about the new track, Grimm Lynn shares: ‘”Cold One” is inspired by the hot summer days. I thought about the heatwaves from last summer & summers growing up and how relatively all of us want a refreshing cold drink underneath the shade to relieve us. Now being an adult and dealing with more adult problems; like working an annoying ass 9-5, I think about how stress and heat just make you even more irritated. When you get off work all you want is a cold alcoholic beverage to blow off all that steam. And for my ladies, it’s a brother with no money trying to holler at you on top of you being hot and bothered in a bad way. Another perspective was Friday nights being at our favorite establishments with no money or just enough to buy a cold drink and enjoy the energy amongst loved ones.’

Stream "Cold One" below: