Songwriter Eddy Lee Ryder has dropped her intriguing new track, "Cold River".

Eddy Lee Ryder is an adventurer at heart. She released her five-song EP Expected to Fly in July 2020, revealing an artist fascinated with journeying and the people she meets along the way.


Ryder’s music prizes intricate storytelling with plenty of the artist’s signature humour – she likes to consider herself a songwriter first and singer second, revealing complex characters with empathy, wit and a genuine lack of judgement.


To kick off her 2022, Ryder has dropped a brand new track, “Cold River”, containing all the specificity of place and personality the singer is known for. On the song, Ryder has said:


“I started writing this song as I walked along a beautiful, frozen river in Upstate New York. On my walk I passed a house in which everyone sat in separate rooms, isolated and on their phones, in what felt like a similarly beautiful yet cold scene. In that moment, I couldn’t help but feel this overwhelming urge to outrun that same feeling of isolation and disinterest, but the cold always finds a way to catch-up with me. Even in the warmth of another person, I often find love to become icy cold. Some days I think it may be better to welcome the inevitable and find peace in itss darkness, but in the end, the cold, much like the river, will seemingly do whatever it chooses.”


Listen to the track below: