German artist FINE. shares the haunting new alt-pop track, "Coldblooded", off her upcoming EP of the same name.

For fans of Billie Eilish comes 21-year-old singer, FINE., who hails from a small town in west Germany.


Favouring minimalist production, the emerging artist has been preparing for her 6-track debut EP, ‘Coldblooded’, from which she’s recently shared the single of the same name.


Speaking on the new song, FINE. says: “‘Coldblooded’ is a song about some toxic masculinity bringing the protagonist nothing more than ruined relationships. The chorus itself takes place in a traumatised accident situation of two human beings which stands metaphorically for the moment where it all falls apart. The character fucks it all up every single time as there is too much of his arrogance and vanity to see it coming”.


In the haunting music video, we see FINE. broken and dying on the ground after a traumatic car crash, police sirens flashing in the background. In a dream sequence, dressed ethereally in white, a healed FINE. goes towards the light. Will she follow it? We’ll let you watch the visual to find out…

Watch the music video below: