Riva Taylor explores fleeting relations, observations, and Latin American rhythms in her whimsical new album, Colours of Blue.

Following her recent tour across Latin America,  Riva Taylor immersed herself in all the formidable art she discovered while on the road. Trickling down from her memories, and combinining to create the backbone of her latest pop album, Colours of Blue, the inspirations have broadened her sonic repertoire, transporting us to a place famed for its musical innovation.


Intergrating Bossa nova grooves with jazz melodies and shuffling rhythms, Riva takes us on an introspective journey that marks an evolution in her artistic prowess. The album’s lead song, ‘Outside of Your Heart,’ features an energetic reggaeton beat, which she pairs perfectly with smooth melodies, captivating listeners through its labyrinth of soundscapes. The album narrates the storyline of a “summer fling,” with the collection of tracks’ tonality dictating the poignant beauty of a fleeting romance.


Reminiscing on passing relationships that come and go and the observational factor of it all is reflected beautifully through Riva’s mesmerising vocals and dreamlike vibe. Exploring the new and the unseen, while creating lasting memories that hit home, the singer-songwriter is a master of emotion, putting you in your feels from the minute you press play on a project like Colours of Blue. On the album, she says, “I wanted to go back to my roots on this album and return to where it all began for me as an artist, exploring sounds that spanned the jazz and soundtrack worlds.

Listen to Colours of Blue now: