Hood-rocking trailblazer Young Jimmy releases rendition of 1991 Nirvana classic, “Come As You Are” out now.

With all the angst of its original creator and more, upcoming artist Young Jimmy injects his signature genre-defying attitude into the grunge smash. Heavy-handed guitar playing and raw, honest vocals fuse with Cobain’s psychedelic influences to take the hit to new realms. 


Hailing from the Bronx, the alternative rock artist uses the song to reflect on the duality of his upbringing. As Jimmy explains, “I would go from learning a classical or jazz standard at a prestigious private music school on scholarship in Greenwich Village, to practising guitar in the bathroom – trying not to disturb my mother and family. I would often wake up to gunfire in those days”. Being an outsider, he found refuge in Cobain’s misfit-friendly music, so covering this track comes as a full-circle moment. It was also the first song he learned to play on guitar at the tender age of 13.


In the past, he’s shared the stage with some huge names, including Kendrick Lamar and Freddie Gibbs. As well as his stepdad, Grandmaster Mele Mel, who helped the young star to refine his sound and gave him his first taste of the music industry. In 2021, Jimmy released his debut album, “Rockett 88”, named after what was considered to be the first Rock N Roll song ever recorded. And, come 2023, his output has been centred around diversifying his sound. What came of his experimentation included a rap-rock single, “Pull Up to the Party”, as well as a more emotive original, “Sweet Maria”. 


His latest release, “Come As You Are”, turns attention back to Young Jimmy’s own musical identity as a ‘hood rocker’. And it’s only the first peek of what’s to come, with an album set to drop later this year. 

Stream “Come As You Are” below.