Ready, Steady, Die! have released a nonchalant cover of The Kinks’ single “Come Dancing”, alongside captivating visuals.

Ready, Steady, Die! are an experimental duo with a taste for creating distinctive electronica. Made up of New-York based Morgan Visconti and London-based Sam K, the duo don’t let distance get between their creative work. Their brand-new release is a piano-led rendition of The Kinks’ single “Come Dancing” and is accompanied by motion picture visuals. 


This March saw the duo drop their sophomore album ‘Accidents’ two years after their debut. Tracklisting 11 lo-fi electronica releases, Ready, Steady, Die! are back with their first single release following their new album. Accompanied by an abstract music video, together the pair shapeshift vivid images throughout this new release directed by WeekendClass.


Speaking about “Come Dancing” the duo says: “We wanted to channel the 80s which is the era we grew up in. Doing a cover of a cheerful 80s pop song but taking it to the darker side of that decade. Early Human League, Soft Cell and even TV show themes from the 80s were a big inspiration. The sound of concrete tower blocks and parking lots”.

Watch the video for “Come Dancing” below: