London based artist, MAGUIRE, releases her new EP ‘Fantaisies’ which arrives with a brand-new song “Come Down” and accompanying video.

A multi-instrumentalist and singer, Gillian Maguire, aka MAGUIRE, is a classically trained artist. With her formative years spent between the solitary, high-pressure cauldron of Baroque performance, and the collective, physical release of session work, touring with pop and indie artists like Soko, Ghostpoet and RY X. At just 17 years old she was ushered on stage at Glastonbury to play an encore with Elbow, and it was here that she felt the rush of pop transcendence for the first time.


Releasing singles over the course of the last nine months, ‘Fantaisies’, like its predecessor ‘Préludes’ borrows its name from the classical world, this time from Frederick Chopin. “The piano is the backbone of everything,” explains MAGUIRE, despite playing every instrument on the record. The new EP sees MAGUIRE work through ideas and move through emotions, as if we are eavesdropping on her artistic process, with each swirling song feeding into the next.

The new single, “Come Down” asks how and if it is possible to find balance and stability amidst the constant cycle of substance fuelled escapism. MAGUIRE says: “In a time when it is so easy to turn to altered states of consciousness to enhance the banal, this song questions whether it is in fact in the apparently ordinary every day that we can access the beyond… By shifting our perspective to appreciate the small details of life there is no need to heighten experience or continue the chase for ecstasy as everything we are searching for is right in front of us.”


The song is accompanied by an equally dramatic dream-like video, directed by MAGUIRE’s sister, who says: “The video for Come Down tries to echo the question that Maguire asks in the song; will you catch me…?” Now with her own podcast series titled RÉFLEXIONS, MAGUIRE continues to question topics and themes that permeate everyday life but are often left unquestioned, hoping to reignite curiosity.

Watch the video for "Come Down" below: