Los Angeles-based indie rock band, Joe Fox & The Frantics, provide the soundtrack to Summer with their new single “Cool”

Joe Fox & The Frantics – suave trio Joe Fox, Aaron Edwards and Corey Walles – combine their love of indie, rock and alternative music to create their own unique sound. They return with their playful new offering “Cool”, a genre-bending track with hook-ridden guitar riffs and an organ throughout, meshing seamlessly with Joe’s cool vocals. The track perfectly distils that notion of feeling like the coolest cat in the room – Joe Fox channels this energy in mood, sound and aesthetic.


Describing the meaning behind the track, Joe Fox & The Frantics explain: ‘“Cool” is a summer anthem. All about strutting your stuff and doing your thing as we all re enter the world this summer.”


With half a million streams on their last track “Dancin’ Shoes” Joe Fox & The Frantics have no issue in creating music that will get you off your feet and grooving along. With its infectious rhythm and a smoothness and guile that can’t go unnoticed, this trio are set to speak to the masses with their new track “Cool”.

Stream "Cool" below: